About The Foundation

Helping Make Life Better

Founded in 2007, River Edge Foundation initiated its philanthropic efforts in 2014. The inaugural Trustees of the Foundation developed its core purpose: to share the River Edge Story of hope and inspire giving to make life better.

River Edge Foundation’s leadership strives to ensure each decision upholds the values that create the framework for its core purpose. These values are:


The Foundation and its trustees are advocates for evidence-based research and treatments to better serve Georgians in need of mental health and substance use recovery supports as well as for individuals in need of developmental and intellectual disabilities supports. The Foundation works to make resources and opportunities possible for Georgia’s most vulnerable residents.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In a rapidly changing world, the Foundation operates to envision the future, support quick adaptation to changing internal and external factors, and support prudent business risks in order to generate opportunites and resources for River Edge Behavioral Health to provide the highest level of services today and in the future.

Excellence & Stewardship

The Foundation strives for excellence in all it does, fundraising, investing, stewarding contributions and assets, governing, as well as creating lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with its donors, community partners, constituencies and stakeholders. Honesty and transparency are the Foundation’s priority to ensure all gifts and resources are used to benefit individuals served by River Edge Behavioral Health.

Fiscal Stability

Leaders of the Foundation understand River Edge Behavioral Health may change its priorities due to political, economic and societal factors. However, the Foundation will continue to generate resources and sound fiscal policies to continue the availability of excellent services by River Edge Behavioral Health.

Visionary Goal

River Edge Foundation is recognized as a leader among its peers, continuing to create the availability of resources so River Edge Behavioral Health can continue to be a leading behavioral healthcare provider throughout Georgia.