River Edge Billingslea Recovery Residence For Men


Residential Treatment for Men

The Billingslea Recovery Residence of River Edge provides residential treatment services geared to meet the needs of men 21 and over. Billingslea provides a supportive alcohol and drug-free environment where men can engage in evidence-based treatment toward a life of full recovery. Billingslea promotes resilience, optimal wellness, and employment opportunities, as well as self-advocacy and life skills. Most residents complete treatment within 9-12 months.

Billingslea Recovery Residence is named for community leader Albert Billingslea, who was a treatment advocate for individuals with substance use disorders.

Admissions Criteria:

Billingslea Recovery Residence is designed for men ages 21 and older who, after detoxification, are unable to discontinue harmful substance use without further assistance. Admission assessment includes a tuberculosis screening and a nursing assessment. Any complex medical or mental health conditions must be stabilized prior to admission.

For More Information: 478-803-7600