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River Edge recognizes its team members who've served our country 

MACON, Ga. -- Macon businesses are already recognizing former military service members as Veterans Day draws nearer. 

River Edge Behavioral Health, located along Emery Hwy., took some time to hold a ceremony Thursday morning to thank its team members who've served our country. 

The facility is a local mental health and substance recovery center. 

CEO Dr. Shannon Gordon said that “River Edge team members are the heart and soul of our mission to deliver services, and supports that deliver recovery, resilience and inclusion for individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders or intellectual and developmental disabilities. We want to honor our heroes military service. It’s just another way River Edge team members make life better in our community.”

Cass Hatcher spent 21 years in the US Air Force. Now working for River Edge, he was thankful to see veterans recognized today. 

"The military is a great institution. And for those people who served, who helped defend our country, to say thank you every now and then for the sacrifices they made, not only for them but for family, I think it's important to have the ceremony," he says.

Hatcher's military career included two assignments at Robins Air Force Base before he retired out of Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Because we have a lot of veterans here at River Edge, we think that when we continue to provide the service, so it's kind of unique because the service we provided in the military and our veterans who work here at River Edge are just extending that service here at River Edge to the clients that we serve, and it's all about making life better, and that's what our veterans here at River Edge do for us.

Hatcher says he does get the occasional "thank you" out in public when he uses his military ID. He says it feels good to be recognized and it's important to do often for veterans. 

"It should be 24/7, every day of the week," says Hatcher. "I think it's deserved, I think it's well-deserved."