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Macon Recovers holds Narcan training to help save a life

MACON, Ga. — A Macon group is training people on how to save a life and giving them the resources needed to do so.

On Saturday, "Macon Recovers" gave out free Narcan, a medication that reverses an opioid overdose. 

Staff walked people through how to use the drug to save a victim. 

Last year, US overdose deaths hit a record 93,000 according to the National Center for Health Statistics.  

For perspective, that's more than the capacity at Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia which seats 92,700 people. 

Recovery Support Supervisor, Marissa Cody says high overdose numbers are why people need to bring awareness to the growing problem and learn how you can potentially save a life. 

"But what this does is allow the person another chance to try to get in recovery. So it's super important to save the person. We talk about where there is breathe, there is life. We want to give everyone that same chance to get well and stay well," Cody said. 

Narcan can last 30 to 90 minutes before a victim could fall back into overdose. That give enough time for medical help to arrive.