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Addiction Recovery

River Edge LifeSPRING

LifeSPRING recovery program

LifeSPRING: Life. Shelter. Purpose. Recovery. Including the Next Generation

LifeSPRING is a nationally recognized and evidence-based residential and outpatient treatment program for women seeking recovery from substance use disorder. LifeSPRING welcomes mothers, pregnant women, and women primarily of childbearing age.

LifeSPRING aids women in achieving self-sufficiency in a supportive, substance-free setting especially designed to address the unique needs of women. Outpatient, intensive outpatient, and residential services are offered and include individual, family, and group sessions as well as community support, vocational services, and parenting skills development.

Referral Process

Professionals in the healthcare, mental health, education, and law enforcement fields who work with pregnant women and women with dependent children are encouraged to refer women with substance use disorder to LifeSPRING for a risk assessment.


For more information: 478-803-7600