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LifeSPRING is a seamless continuum of nationally recognized and evidence based outpatient and residential treatment services just for women of child-bearing age. Children are a welcomed and treasured part of their mother’s journey to recovery.



LifeSPRING is a residential and outpatient services program for pregnant women or women with children seeking recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.
The primary focus is to assist women to achieve self-sufficiency in a supportive, substance-free setting. Outpatient, intensive outpatient, and residential services are offered including individual, family, and group sessions, and community support. Women are encouraged to involve their children in treatment in order to improve parenting skills, and strengthen recovery efforts.

Health, Mental Health, Education, Law Enforcement and other human service providers who work with pregnant women and women with dependent children are encouraged to refer any substance using pregnant woman to LifeSPRING for a risk assessment.
The purpose of LifeSPRING is:
ü  Produce a healthy infant from pregnancy
ü  Reduce or stop the substance using behavior of the pregnant woman during or after her pregnancy.
ü  To maintain the family unit –the mother, infant, and other family members and to promote a safe child rearing environment.
A little more about the facility:
Planning by our Board to construct our new facility for our residential and outpatient substance abuse program for women formally called “Project Connect” began in November 2010. From the first day we broke ground some six (6) months, two (2) weeks and three (3) days ago, LifeSPRING started out as something vastly different in size and in scope, from what we have before us today. By using a design-build method of delivering this project we were able to integrate construction activities concurrently with the design phase, thus accelerating project delivery as well as minimizing the project risks.
This 19,000 square foot facility services both residential and outpatient treatment services and food service operations. We deliberately selected this 2.6-acre site because it ensures discreetness and a healthy environment in which woman whose life has been changed by TANF services can retain custody of their children from foster homes during and after their treatment.
As you know, substance abuse can be a serious barrier to work and is often a cause or a manifestation of other obstacles such as mental-health problems and domestic violence. Identifying and treating parental substance abuse can create a healthier environment for children. Thus, our clients are ensured the opportunity to develop the necessary tools to find a “New Road” into society and to be productive, responsible, and contributing members of the community.
The facility contains 18 residential sleeping rooms that accommodate a maximum of 60 bed spaces. Each resident sleeping room has an exterior window(s) with a combined area at least one-tenth of the floor area of the room. Bathrooms are conveniently located in each resident sleeping room. 
The east side of the building serves as a separate entrance for outpatient services and contains two large session rooms, medical testing laboratory, restrooms for outpatient clients and staff, and offices for private counseling.
We provide more than 400 meals daily, the kitchens is designed with flow-through type operation where food arriving is immediately placed into dry storage or freezer units without walking through food preparation areas.
The dining room is for the exclusive use of residents, employees, and outpatient clients.
Laundry equipment is provided for both residents and staff use. Spaces for folding table(s) sufficient to handle laundry needs will be provided.
The facility also includes two large dayrooms one dedicated to toddlers and the other for teens/ adults, library / computer room, sufficient safe storage areas, outside play area, and community garden.


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