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What is Supported Employment for the Person served?

Supported Employment offers an attractive gateway to greater independence for adults recovering from serious mental illness and/or drug and alcohol addictions through sustained and gainful employment in an integrated setting. Riveredge offers competitive, community-based employment based on each client’s strengths and motivations. Supported employment is an evidence-based practice that is working here at River Edge and around the nation.  Riveredge experts provide technical assistance to other providers seeking to develop these services.

The Role of the Person served

Each person interested in supported employment, completes a vocational profile with an employment specialist to determine the client’s work preference and goals. Each person served must also agree to follow all work placement guidelines.

Supported Employment offers the opportunity for community-integrated employment, complete with the following work rewards:

  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Employee benefits

What is Supported Employment for the Employer?

We offer employers a unique customized service to help find the best fit for positions at your company. This personalized attention helps you find and retain qualified staff who want to work in the type of position you offer, increasing retention and engagement. The service is free for employers and provides comprehensive services to help place, train, and support employees, as well as encourage new supported employment jobs.

The Employer's Role

Employers participating in supported employment services provide:

  • Supervision, instruction, training, work materials, and a safe working environment
  • Jobs that pay at least minimum wage and offer the same benefits to Supported Employment clients that are offered to employees without disabilities
  • Ongoing communication with the client’s Supported Employment Specialist of the progress made by the client and any needed supports

Supported Employment Practice Principles

  • Eligibility is based on client choice
  • Competitive jobs are the goal
  • Employment specialists build relationships with employers based on client job interests
  • Job supports are continuous
  • Client preferences are honored
  • Work incentives planning is offered to all clients who receive entitlements

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